10 Most Popular Websites for Royalty-Free Music

In this article, I am going to show you the most popular websites to download royalty-free music. So, you can add this music to your YouTube videos, vlogs, other video editing projects. And also this is for the filmmakers too without any copyright claims. I am sure that these websites will really help you to find better music for your projects and videos.

These websites contain thousands of music files and sound effects in all categories. All the music is royalty-free and very useful for any commercial purposes. And also with CC0-Licensed. Before starting if you need royalty-free images then visit: Top 15 Great Websites to Download Royalty-Free Images. So Let’s Get Started:

1. Purple-Planet

purple planet free music site

Purple Planet website has a great and beautiful collection of music. The music is written and performed by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey. The music is awesome on this site. I recommend this website. I love it. You should visit this website. Also, You can download the music in mp3 format. The music is divided into many different categories like inspirational, energy, hope, upbeat etc. License info.

2. Starfrosch

starfrosch free music site

A great royalty-free music website with millions of listeners. Open music library with CC0 Creative Commons License and thousands of downloads. Best Music for Listeners, YouTubers, Radio Stations, Podcasters, and Bloggers. This website has a lot of beautiful music and sound effects which you can use in the background of your videos. Upload your videos without any copyright claim issue. See more about Starfrosch website.

3. Free Music Archive

free music archive site

This is a simple and beautiful website where you can find a lot of music files in different categories like classical music, country music and motivation music etc. However, most of the Music you find on this website have creative commons licenses. So, no need to credit the website. Check the complete license details.

4. Bensound

bensound free music site

Bensound website has a beautiful royalty-free music Library. Besides, this website has free licensed music with attribution. It means you can use the Bensound site’s music as long as you credit Bensound .com. So, this website is very useful for YouTube videos. See the complete License details.

5. MIXKIT.co

mixkit music site

This is another beautiful website for royalty-free music. Also, this website contains free images and videos too. So, you can use these free images and videos in your projects for free. These sound and video files are royalty-free.

6. SoundCloud

sound cloud music site

This is another most popular website for royalty-free and paid music. You can find any type of music on this website. When you will open the website then you will see that this website has a great library of music. Many categories for music. Music like Bollywood music, Hollywood English music, Pakistani music, inspirational, motivational etc. See license about copyright details.

7. Freepd

free pd music site

It is another great website to download royalty-free music. All the music on this site has CC0 creative commons license. It means no attribution required 100% free for commercial use. Afterwards, you can use this music in your YouTube videos, on Facebook, Twitter and other commercial purposes. See License details.

8. Incompetech

incompetech music site

It is another royalty-free music website for commercial purposes. You can use this music for free. So, it is another best website for you.

9. Zapsplat

zapsplat music site

A lot of free sound effects and royalty-free music is available on this site. So, enjoy the music and add music to your video to make your YouTube videos more attractive. See the License details.

10. Pixabay

pixabay music site

It is the most popular website. Obviously, this is a royalty-free images and videos website. In addition, Pixabay has royalty-free music too. All in one best website for creators. Thousands of music tracks for commercial and non-commercial use. See what is allowed in license details.

I hope this article is helpful to you. In the end, give us your valuable feedback about this article in the comment section.

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