Top 5 Best Text Editors for Windows in 2024

Best Text Editors

In this article, I will show you some cool Text Editors. So that you can write your code elegantly, fast, and cleanly with these text editors. These text editors are completely free and have unique features that you will enjoy.

Also, the download links of all source code editors are given below. So that you can download them easily.

If you’re stuck in choosing the right text editor for yourself. Then, this guide will solve your problem, these top 5 text editors are amazing and have a lot of cool features. So, don’t worry.

At the end of this article, I will suggest to you the best code editor that I am using for myself. So, without wasting any time let’s start.

1. Visual Studio Code – One of the Best Text Editors

Visual Studio Code Text Editor

Visual studio code is the most popular and widely used free source code editor software. Microsoft developed this software for Windows. It is written in Typescript, JavaScript, and CSS. You also know about Microsoft Company. Microsoft Corporation is one of the most popular American Multinational Technology companies.

VS Code is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is used for building websites, software, games, mobile apps, etc. Also, Programmers can use this for debugging. It has a lot of useful extensions and beautiful themes.

Extensions make your work more easy and fast. For example, emmet extension. Emmet extension is extremely useful for developers and programmers. This extension has the ability to auto-complete your code snippets.

Visual Studio Code editor is an excellent choice for any web developer. It is easy to use and fast. It is a lightweight but powerful source code editor. And it comes with many coding languages (such as HTML, C++, Java, CSS, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Go, etc.)

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2. Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text is also a popular free source code editor software. Jon Skinner and Will Bond are the founders of this software. It is also free and easy to use. Sublime Text 3 is the latest version of sublime text. It is available for Windows, and Linux and also available in portable versions. In addition, I am going to tell you that many web developers use this software for coding.

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3. Atom – Beautiful Text Editor

Atom Text Editor

Atom is a free and open-source text and source code editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac. GitHub developed this software. GitHub wrote this in Electron, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Less, and HTML. Built with web technologies.

Share your workspace and edit code together in real time. Atom has different themes. You can code almost all languages (such as HTML, CSS, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc.), I recommend you this software if you want online editing with your team.

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4. Brackets Text Editor

It is our second last popular text editor. Moreover, Brackets has a primary focus on web development. Adobe Systems Developed this software. Licensed under the MIT license. Written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The main purpose of this software is its live HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing functionality.

Click to Visit Brackets Official website.

All the above text editors are best but it’s on you what you like and select. But, keep in mind that “Learning never exhausts the mind”.

5. Notepad++ Easy to Use Text Editors


Notepad++ is a free source code editor. It supports several languages. Don Ho developed this software in 2003. It is written in the C++ programming language. It is very easy to use. Notepad++ 7.9 stands with Hong Kong as the latest version. Moreover, I recommend this software if you are a beginner.

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So in all these text editors, I am using Visual Studio Code for myself. It is the best source code editor and has unique features. And I will recommend you start your coding in Visual Studio code.

Because when you will do bigger projects then you will have to write your code quickly. And in vs code, you can install extensions and themes to make your code more readable and clean. You should try this.

I hope this guide will be helpful to you. If you have any questions then please leave a comment below.

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