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The Best WordPress Plugins that are Every Website Need (2021)

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In this article, I will give you a complete guide about the Best WordPress Plugins that are essential for every website. Read the full article carefully because this will help you so much.

These important WordPress Plugins that I am going to tell you are really the need of every website. These important Plugins should have installed on your website. This important plugin’s guidance will help you to make your website better than ever before.

Plugins are a component of software that you can add to your website to extend the functionalities of your website without any coding. The Plugins are everything in WordPress.

If you don’t know how to install or add a new plugin to your WordPress website then check this guide Install WordPress Plugins.

As said, so let’s see:

1. Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms are the first thing that is every website’s need. You need to add contact forms to your website so that every visitor on your website get in touch with you.

All the above four contact form plugins are the most popular and fast-growing plugins.

2. Google Analytics Plugins

Google Analytics plugins provide us with a place where you can see your website performance within the WordPress Dashboard. You can see website performance, post clicks, page views, views by countries and much more. Choose one of the plugins below:

These three plugins are high in demand. The above WordPress Plugins will provide you with complete information about your website.

Monster insights is very popular plugin for google analytics with Millions+ active installations. Site Kit by Google is also the best choose because it is developed by Google.

3. SEO Plugins

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a very important part of any website. WordPress is SEO friendly CMS.

With SEO you can tell the search engines(like Google, Bing, Yandex etc.) that what your content is about. What is the target audience for your article? What is the search intent of a reader? There are two important plugins for adding SEO to your website. Choose one of the below plugins:

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin. This plugin is ready after install. You can do SEO without hiring any SEO expert.

All in One SEO is another original SEO WordPress plugin that started in 2007. With over 2 Millions active installations that make this plugin popular. This is also the best choice.

4. Newsletter integration Plugins

Adding Newsletter sign up forms to a website is very important. You always need to grow your audience and traffic. That’s why you need Newsletters. Because when a visitor subscribes or sign up to your newsletter. So, you will have an opportunity to get in touch and send updates about the latest articles in the form of emails to your website visitors.

That is very very important because it brings your visitors back to your website. And also it is good for making permanent website visitors. It increases your traffic and more traffic means more money.

Here are the best Newsletter integration Plugins:

These are the plugins that you can use to add Newsletter sign forms to your website. You can add newsletter popup forms to your website with these above Plugins. When you set up Newsletter you will have to integrate that to your Newsletter service.

Here is the most popular Newsletter services that you should try:

These are the most popular Newsletter services. That provides you with a place where you can manage your email lists and audience campaigns. An email list is a subscribers list.

One thing that you should know that the above Newsletter services are totally paid except MailChimp. After Creating a MailChimp account, it provides a free 2000 contacts and 10,000 emails limit free of cost after signing up. So, MailChimp is best for a beginner to expert in this.

Then, go now and sign up for MailChimp and go install Mail munch in your WordPress or MailChimp Plugin for integration. Add Newsletter popup forms to your website and create an email list and send campaigns to your audience.

5. WP Mail SMTP Plugin

This is the plugin that is needed for every WordPress website. Because WordPress use the PHP mail function to send emails by default.

This problem occurs in 90% of new websites. Whenever your website user sends an email through your website’s contact form. So, the website’s admin does not receive those emails or sometimes he receives them after hours or a day.

So, to solve that problem WP Mail SMTP use for.

6. Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

Every WordPress website needs this plugin. Maybe you need to add some external JavaScript code and style sheets or any other type of code snippets. And you shall need this plugin to add google analytics and Google Adsense code to your website.

So, Insert Headers and Footers is the best plugin to do this type of stuff. Because every beginner doesn’t know how to edit theme files and add code snippets manually. You can break your website. So, be careful and use this plugin.

7. Sucuri Security Plugin

Every website needs security to protect its database and website files. So, here is the best security Plugin for any type of website. This plugin protects your website from viruses, malware, brute force attacks etc.

Most popular business websites are using this plugin. 8,00,000+ active installations of this plugin have done. And it is still growing plugin. Even, I am using this plugin too.

8. WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin is for online e-commerce stores. Or any other type of online selling websites. This is not for any website but it is important to know that this will help you if you want to sell something online.

WooCommerce is the world’s no. 1 e-commerce plugin. That is growing very faster. 5+ million installations of this plugin and you can imagine how it is growing.

9. Cache and Optimization Plugins

As the website grows then every website needs optimization and cache plugins. These plugins optimize website speed and keep a website faster. And make the website’s loading speed faster for your visitors. Now, let’s see the most popular caching plugins below:

All the above plugins will boost your website’s speed, minify your website code and do much more.

So, all these plugins were the need of any website. I hope you will like them. If you have any question in your mind then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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