10 Tips to Become More Productive as a Coder

In the rapidly growing era of neck-and-neck competition, knowing to learn the latest tools is not sufficient; you have to be productive at what you do.

While tools help you to accomplish a task more efficiently than manual methods, you must learn all other ways that can help you win the race.

The article boils down the most practical ways following which coding professionals can stay efficient and productive at work. Let’s learn about these tips in detail.

Learn High-Quality Tools

Choosing an average tool can help you complete a task, but you may end up losing hours of productivity. Research the web and learn the latest tools that experienced coders use and recommend.

By doing this, not only will you meet your organization’s expectations efficiently, but you will get a chance to learn something new.

Automate Coding Tasks

If you have been working as a coder for some time now, you must be familiar with the fact that several tasks include repetitive steps. You are probably repeating a process every day. Automating these tasks can save you a lot of time and effort.

Using task runners such as a code linter or npm scripts for running tests, for example, to automate monotonous tasks that you need to repeat daily.

Learn New Skills

Programming is a dynamic industry that transforms constantly and rapidly. To keep up the pace, you would need to learn new skills and stay updated with what’s happening in the industry.

Never refrain from learning new things, such as graphic designing or analytics, even if you have to learn how to edit a font or remove background images from scratch.

Use Code Snippets

Coders who want to speed up development must use code snippets. An array of code snippets are available for almost all types of IDEs, frameworks, and programming languages.

If you type the same code more frequently, you can make your own snippet.

Code snippets won’t help you write an entire app, but they will simplify your coding tasks and save you the time you spend on a particular task.

Choose the Right Operating System

Based on the line of work, you can select the operating system you will be working on. If you are looking to build an iOS app, you would need an XCode IDE that runs on Mac only. For running Docker locally, prefer a Linux distro or Windows 10 Pro edition.

Programmers who are willing to develop gaming apps can use Windows. Since Windows encounters slow, read and write operations, choose macOS or Linux for heavy compilations.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Operating systems load numerous programs at startup, some of which you never use. However, these programs consume system resources and reduce performance. Disabling startup programs is a potential way to get rid of unnecessary apps that are a productivity hog.

Find out apps and files that are no longer needed and remove them right away. So, delete the apps that you downloaded during your university days and claim storage.

Free Up RAM

Several programs installed on your computer consume a large amount of RAM, making the overall system slow. To get rid of this problem, install tools that help monitor resource consumption, such as CPU, disk, memory, network speed, battery, and more.

Uninstall any heavy apps that stop you from running another program simultaneously. As a coder, you’d need to multitask most of the time and prefer having larger RAM.

Set Up Professional IDEs

Choose your IDEs based on the technology stack you, and your team work on. Learn keyboard shortcuts to make your tasks efficient and save hours of productivity. Additionally, get familiar with the debugging options as much as possible.

Have a lightweight code editor to save time while coding a complex web app. As discussed earlier, automating your tasks will help you accomplish your work efficiently.

Install Version Control Tools

Version controlling is a crucial part of programming; therefore, install git for better outcomes. One-time setup of the SSH key will prevent you from typing in your credentials every time you sign in to your account.

For accessing multiple Git profiles, it is recommended to set up SSH for each profile, as it allows you to access your profiles easily.

Install an Antivirus App

Whether you are looking to enroll in a programming course or work as a professional in the coding industry, safeguarding your device is your prime responsibility. So, make sure you have the best security practices and protocols in place to ensure your data is safe.

Installing an antivirus application and scanning all your devices regularly is a potential way to keep them safe against security threats.

I hope these tips will help you set up your computer for coding and work efficiently as a programmer. Other than the above-mentioned tips, backup your data regularly and save additional copies of your code on Cloud or external SSD.