HTML forms

HTML Forms

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about HTML forms as a beginner. What is an HTML Form? An HTML form is the most essential component of any website or web application. The main purpose of HTML forms is to collect the input of the users. The user input can be any …

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How to Center HTML Table

How to Center HTML Table

Tables are a crucial aspect of HTML websites because they help us to organize the information and show it in a structured and tabular format in the form of rows and columns. However, sometimes we make a table in HTML and want to align it in the center of a web page. So, this tutorial …

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HTML Ordered Lists

HTML Ordered Lists | Numbers List

In this tutorial, you’ll learn HTML ordered lists, what they are, how to create an ordered list in HTML, and their different types with code examples. What are HTML Ordered Lists? HTML Ordered lists are those type of lists that displays list items marked with numbers, alphabets, and roman numbers. Ordered lists are also known as numbered …

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