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What is HTML/ What HTML stands for? And How to use?

HTML intro


What is HTML/ What HTML stands for?

HTML stands for “HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE”. It’s the standard markup language for creating web pages. It is very easy to learn.

It describes the basic structure of a website.

Firstly, Tim Berners-Lee developed this language in 1990. It is used to create electronic documents (called pages) that are displayed on the World Wide Web.

Why we use HTML?

  • We use this language to create webpages.
  • We use it for web development.
  • Use HTML to build the structure of a website.
  • HTML is free of cost to create a website.

Why HTML is important?

It tells your browser that what the content is about. Like it tells the browser about headings, paragraphs, Quotes, headers, footers. It gives the structure to our website. And without structure we can’t build a website. It is the base of a website. Then, CSS and JavaScript comes next.

How we use HTML to build a webpage?

We can write it’s code either in Notepad or any other Text Editor like (in Visual studio code, Sublime Text or Atom etc.)

So I am going to use visual studio code for HTML coding. So click the link below to go to the download page of visual studio code free for windows: https://code.visualstudio.com/Download then install this on your pc.

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So Let’s go ahead:

Now, open your text editor, and then create a new file as shown below:

Furthermore, after when you create a new file, type this code in your HTML’s source file. As shown below:

      <title> my webpage </title>


Then, save as, your file by pressing Ctrl + S key on your keyboard. Now choose the location where you want to save your html file.

Then go to your file location where you save it and click open. Now this will open in a web browser. I will recommend you to use Chrome Brower.

When you will open your file in a web browser it will look like this:

my webpage title

As you can see that the page is looking clean in chrome but how we will know that the file is created and working, So look at the top left corner and see that your HTML file title is shown. Now look at this code again and see there is your web page title which is highlight below:

      <title> my webpage </title>


So now you have successfully created a webpage. One thing remembers first that you will write every code in the text editor and save them and after that, you will go to the browser and click refresh your web page. Then it will show results.

So, now we will start to build our first web page in our next lesson. In our later lessons, I will give you some basic information about its elements or tags. Hope you understood well.

In our Next Lesson:

So, in our next lesson, we will talk about some useful HTML text editors? Then, we’ll go to our second lesson about HTML.

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