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About Us

WebCodzing is a blog that is all about Web Development & Designing. On this page, you will know who we are and what we provide to our readers on this blog.

Our Mission

To provide complete knowledge about Web Development & Design. So that every beginner will be able to learn Web Development online at home. We want to make this blog the only place that provides complete knowledge about web development.

You’ll not just learn web development. You’ll also learn how you can make money online with these web development skills. With this, we will provide you with information about the best and free tools related to web development.


Hi, I’m Muhammad Zeeshan and I’m the founder of WebCodzing. I am a full-time professional blogger, SEO expert, and entrepreneur. I have a mission to help Web Developers and WordPress users in every aspect.

Just want to make web development easy for everyone. Our guide will help them achieve their goals in the web development & designing field.

Main Sections on This Blog for Web Developers

This blog is divided into 4 simple sections to teach web development. Every topic included in these sections is purely for Web Developers and WordPress users.

  1. Learn Code (this section is all about the fiver major coding languages that are require for web development).
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • SQL
  2. WordPress Guide (this section is for those who don’t like to learn code but still want to create and manage their own websites) In this section, you will learn WordPress from scratch. You will see the best resourses, tools, tips, and how-to guides related to WordPress.
  3. Make Money Online (This is about how and where to make money online with Web Development, Coding, and WordPress skills).
  4. Showcase (this section provides the information about the free tools that are really helpful for any Web Developer).

We’ll add more topics related to Web Development soon.

Join us in Our Simple Mission to help Web Developers:

If you have skills related to web development, coding, web designing, or WordPress. Then, you can participate and contribute to this blog. You can join us and provide your valuable knowledge to our readers. If you want to join us or want to write guest posts on this blog then contact us.