8 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2023

Do you have a WordPress website? And you’re looking for the best WordPress page builders to customize your website. Then keep reading this guide. In this guide, I am going to show you the best WordPress page builders with a lot of cool features.

First of all, let’s see why we should use a page builder for WordPress.

Why Use a Page Builder for WordPress?

When we start a new WordPress website, there are a lot of free and premium themes available to use. Those WordPress themes have their own page layouts and designs.

But when we want to customize those themes according to our needs. Then, sometimes the features we’re looking for are not available in that theme. So, here come the page builders. Page builders allow us to create and customize a WordPress website from scratch.

Benefits of Using WordPress Page Builders

  • WordPress Page builders allow us to customize, edit and design a website layout according to our needs. With page builders, we can design our website elegantly with a lot of ease.
  • Without writing any piece of code, you can create a lot of beautiful stuff like landing pages, and contact forms, add animations, effects, and much more.
  • Also, page builders provide beautiful ready-to-use landing page templates and drag n drop content blocks.
  • Whether you’re a beginner in web development. Or you want to start your own website or blog using WordPress. A simple one-click install page builder plugin can make your work much easier than you think.

There are a lot of page builder plugins for WordPress out there. That’s why I’m here to tell you which one is the best and better for you. Because I have already tried all these page builders.

One last thing, If you want to install one of these page builder plugins on your WordPress website. Then, you can install them in your WordPress Plugins section by searching their name.

The links of all WordPress page builders are given. That will take you to the site of that plugin. So keep reading this article. This guide will really help you so much.

As said, so let’s see the best WordPress drag-and-drop page, builders.

Best WordPress Page Builders

1. Elementor – Beginner-Friendly WordPress Page Builder

elementor page builder for wordpress

Elementor is the most popular and free drag-and-drop WordPress Page Builder founded in 2016. 5+ Million WordPress web developers and designers are using this page builder. And these numbers are still growing. Every beginner loves this page builder because it is very easy to use and has a beautiful interface.

It has thousands of landing page templates. With this, it also has a full website builder tool that you can use to make your whole website. Not just landing pages, you can customize your site header and footer section too. Elementor is one of the fastest WordPress page builders.

It is an SEO-friendly page builder and compatible with Yoast SEO. Mean you can create and publish search-engine-optimized web pages. It is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. The free version, it provides 40+ basic widgets that other page builders don’t.

It also has some paid features but some, not entirely. It is top of the list.

2. Beaver Builder

beaver page builder for wordpress

Beaver is another popular WordPress page builder. It is fast, flexible, and easy to use. With 1+ Million active installations this page builder will be a better choice for you. But, this page builder has limited features in its free version.

You can try the free live demo before going to install it in your WordPress. A live demo is the best way to check all the features of this plugin.

With this, you can create and edit your site pages live. It comes with 30 beautifully pre-designed landing page templates that can make your work easier and fast. You can make mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized pages for your website with a lot of ease.

3. WPBakery

WPBakery page builder for WordPress

Another one of the popular WordPress page builders. With over 4 Million users using this page builder. You should try this flexible page builder. Because it offers a free premium-quality templates library for its users.

All the page builders have some unique features that others don’t have. So, don’t be confused because all have some pros and cons. WPBakery page builder works with all WordPress themes. Also, it is compatible with Yoast SEO.

With WPBakery, you can create any layout you want without any coding. It provides plenty of features with beautiful landing page templates. You can download this plugin in a zip file from the WPBakery website and install it on your WordPress website.

4. SeedProd – Premium WordPress Page Builder


SeedProd is the most popular premium WordPress page builder. They have 1 Million+ active users and the numbers are still growing. Because of its high-quality features and elegant design. This is the top page builder in the list of premium page builders.

It is a responsive and mobile-friendly drag and drops page builder. They provide 100+ templates out of the box, compatible with all WordPress themes. You should try this if you have any plans to buy a premium WordPress page builder.

You can make any type of layout that you want. Without any skills in design and coding. Any type of section you can create on your site like a contact form, testimonials, grids, columns, etc.

The price of this plugin starts from 49.50$ per 1 year for 1 website. Now go, check and buy. It has a beautiful user interface and is the most reliable page builder.

5. SiteOrigin

SiteOrgin page builder

SiteOrigin is a free WordPress page builder with 1 Million users that makes it popular. It has two simple interfaces. And a lot of free options for making your web pages easily. It offers a backend editor and drags n drop features.

SiteOrigin comes with 23 widgets and 25 pre-built templates that you can use for free. It is a lightweight WordPress page builder. But some options as compared to other page builders are not enough according to my knowledge.

6. Brizy


Brizy is another stunning, fast, and easy-to-use WordPress page builder. No coding and no design skills are required. Brizy will take care of all the stuff for you. Beautiful interface and a lot of features. You can customize your WordPress website like a pro live with real-time editing.

You can build beautiful landing pages. It comes with amazing pop-ups, sliders, and much more. So, what do you need more? Go now and try this.

Build a responsive and mobile-friendly website with Brizy page builder for WordPress.

7. Divi – One of the Best WordPress Page Builders

Divi for WordPress

I really love it. Divi is my favorite. Because Divi is not just another page builder. It provides a lot of elegant WordPress SEO-friendly themes and landing page templates. With this, it is the most popular and elegant page builder. Divi is growing very faster.

It is a premium WordPress page builder not free. But, trust me your investment will not be wasted. You will love its features and design. They have flexible plans for everyone.

It has a fixed price of 89$ per year and 249$ per lifetime with lifetime access. It provides theme updates and 24/7 customer support to its customers.

8. Visual Composer – Simple WordPress Page Builder

Visual Composer

It is the last one on the list of the best WordPress page builders. Visual Composer is a popular page builder for WordPress. It was first launched in 2017. It provides 50 elements in the free version.

With Visual Composer, you can completely edit the website including the header and footer.

As I said before every page builder has its own unique features. Choosing the best WordPress page builder depends on what type of website you want to create.

Additionally, according to my experience, Elementor is the best for beginners. Every beginner should use this because it is easy to learn and user-friendly. Also, Elementor Pro has a lot of cool features. If you like Elementor page builder, then you should also try Elementor Pro.

Divi is the best WordPress page builder for experts. And for those who are looking for whole website builders. You can create modern websites with Divi Builder.

Lastly, SeedProd is the best premium page builder. If you want to buy any page builder then buy SeedProd.

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That’s all for now.

So, I hope this guide will help you. Please give your valuable feedback in the comment section below. And you can tell us which one you like.

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