How to Sell Stock Photos Online – Top 10 Websites

If you are a photographer and you want to make money with your photos. So, you’re in the right place. I am going to tell you about some websites where you can sell stock photos online and make a lot of money. Read till the end, it will be a very helpful guide for you.

Photography is an excellent skill and it is not for everyone. In today’s world, photographers make a lot of money with this skill. So, keep polishing your photography skills because it will be proved very beneficial for you.

These top 10 photo-selling websites are very popular these days. Now, without wasting any time let’s see the best websites to sell stock photos online and earn real money.

1. Shutterstock – a Popular Website to Sell Stock Photos

shutterstock sell photos

Shutterstock is the most popular website for selling stock photos online. It has more than 350 million stock photos. Just go on the website and click on the Submit your content button. Sign up for an account and join their community as a contributor.

You will earn a 40% commission every time when a customer will buy your photos or videos. Yes! with this, you can also sell your videos too. Their commission rates are pretty good. Let’s see their commission rates. See commission levels for images and videos below.

shutterstock commission rates for photos
shutterstock commission rates for videos

With this, they also have a referral program that gives a 20% commission. In the referral program, whenever a customer will buy photos on Shutterstock through your link, you will earn a 20% commission. Commissions depend on the type of photos, videos and illustrations.

2. Getty Images – Best Site to Sell Photos

getty images for selling stock photos

It is one of the most popular and best stock photo sites to sell in 2021. It is also a website for royalty-free photos. And, this is another place where you can sell photos online. Getty images serve more than 1.5 million customers.

Community of 100,000 talented photographers is working on this website already. You too, join their community by signing up today and earn money.

Go to the Getty Images website and download their App and apply. The process of application is very simple. You will have to download the App first. You must have 18 years of age or above.

After uploading they will review your photos, illustrations and videos, if you meet their requirements then you can start work.

3. iStock – Another Best Site to Sell Stock Photos

istock sell stock photos

Another best website to sell photos online. This site is by Getty Images. Join the iStock affiliate program today by going to the website. In this program, you will get a 20% commission on new customers.

It also contains thousands of royalty-free images. On this iStock website, there are millions of 4k videos, illustrations, audios and photos to sell. It is the best place to sell stock photos online.

With this, you can ask any questions about joining their affiliate program through their contact form.

4. 500px

500px photos selling website

One of the most popular stock photos website. Millions of photographers sell photos on this website. They prefer quality over quantity. After signing up on the 500px website, you will have to submit your content for review.

Content review time depend on the quantity of content. Beware, if you have any copyright content included in your photos like some other brands logos etc. Then your application may be rejected.

They prefer 100% pure and quality content. And their rules are strict.

5. Dreamstime – Popular Photo Selling Website

dreamstime stock photos

Another beautiful site for stock photos. The site contains both free and paid photos. World’s biggest community of photographers. Millions of photos and illustrations that you can buy or sell on this website.

This website is the best choice for making money online. Also, with their affiliate and referral program, you can earn a commission by promoting their content. It’s free and you can sign up now. If you want to sign up then go to Dreamstime Referral Program.

You will get 10% commission on every sale. And also 10% for referral. So, start now. With this, they provide their own WordPress plugin that can make your work much easier.

6. SmugMug – a Biggest Platform for Selling Photos

smugmug stock photo selling website

Another best website for photographers who want to sell their photos online. As you can see in the above image, make cash with your camera. This site contains millions of photos like other websites.

They provide two ways to earn money. By selling photos or by referring a friend. You can sign up in 15 minutes. The website has a beautiful layout and content. A user-friendly website. Another best thing that I saw is that you can upload your photos through their mobile app.

And a good news for buyers, SmugMug website offers 14 day free trial without any credit card.

7. Alamy – Earn Money through Your Photos

alamy website

Make money from your images. Over 235 million beautiful stock photos, videos, vectors, illustrations and 360-degree panoramic images. A great choice for photographers to make money.

They allow all the popular payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard, Google Pay, and Visa card.

8. Stocksy


This is another best place to sell stock photos online. Over millions of high-resolution photos and 4k videos will amaze you. The price is high but the products are the best ever. Let’s go sign up now and create your contributor profile to sell photos.

You can check their large list of contributors that are making money on this website. If you want to sign up for this website then go to the hiring page.

9. EyeEm


Make money with your photos. Go to sell your photos page and see the full details. This website also offers photoshoots. Best website with best features ever.

Sell your photos and make money.

10. Foap – Stock Photos Website

foap photos website

Foap is the best place where you can sell stock photos and make money. One of the best sites for selling videos and photos. You can also create responsive video ads for Facebook and Instagram. Just visit foap website now and see all features of this website.

Every website has its own features and methods of earning money.

So, these above are the websites that can convert your photos to money. With this check my post on Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online.

I hope all these websites will help you in making money online. If you have any questions then ask in the comment section below.