10 Places to Find Free Images for Your Website or Blog

Are you finding free images for your website or blog? I know, how challenging it is to find free images for your website, blog, or for any type of online work. So, stop right here because luckily you have found the world’s best websites for free images.

In this article, I am going to show you the best top 10 websites. Where you can find free high-quality images for your website or blog without any copyright issues.

Images are so much important for any type of digital content. Images attract your readers and it leads to more traffic.

A Famous Adage

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.Henrik Ibsen

Sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image. That’s why images have a high impact on any type of digital content.

Digital content like blog posts or articles, E-books, youtube videos, social media content, and marketing emails. And whatever content you have, you will always need images for your content. Because images are essential and very helpful for improving SEO scores.

Where can I get Free Images for My Website or Blog?

So, there are a lot of websites where you can find high-resolution images for your blog. But those websites do not provide that stuff for free. They charge some fees per image. Some websites provide monthly and yearly plans. Where you have to subscribe first and pay them to download images.

Many people like us can’t afford those paid images. So, that’s why I did research and created this guide. Here, I will show you some amazing websites where you don’t need to pay anything to download copyright-free images in high resolution.

And these are the best websites to get free images for commercial use. I use these websites for myself too.

And on these best free stock photo sites, you can download eye-catching free images, illustrations, vectors, and even videos too. So, read till the end. Hope this guide will be helpful.

Top 10 Places to Find Free Images for Your Website or Blog

So, it is a list of sites that I collected for you. Where you can find copyright-free images for your website. Find out which one is right for you.

1. Pixabay – the Most Popular Site for Free Images

pixabay find free images

Pixabay is the most popular source of free images these days. It has a large database of 2.3 million copyright-free images that you can use on your websites or blogs. Pixabay is a community of creatives that share copyright-free content.

The interesting thing about it is that it will not provide you with just images. It has a large number of illustrations, vectors, music, and videos too.

You can use, edit, modify, distribute and share these images, art illustrations, vectors, and videos on your website or blog completely free. All the images have a CC0 license. And also without any attribution, that means you don’t need to give credit to the artist.

2. Unsplash – Huge Website for Free Images

unsplash find images

Unsplash is another huge website for bloggers, web designers, and website owners to download free images. And it has its own license that allows us to use all the images for free without any copyright issues.

At Unsplash, you will see different categories of free images. Also, you can search for any type of image.

You can use, modify, distribute and share these beautiful images for free. Also, here at Unsplash, you don’t even need an account to download an image. All the images are for commercial and non-commercial use without any required permission.

3. Pexels – A Popular Free Images Site

pexels free images

Pexels have a big community of photographers and artists that share their work. And it is the most popular website that provides a variety of royalty-free images and videos. Over 1 Million high-quality royalty-free images only for you. That you can use on your website or blog.

Like the Unsplash site, you don’t need to create an account to download free photos. And also, no attribution is required means you don’t have to give any credit to the artist.

4. Gratisography – Another Royalty-Free Photos Site


Gratisography is another royalty-free stock photos website. Here they provide vectors and photos for commercial use. You can do anything with these photos and vectors. But here on this website, gratisography has some policies that you must have to follow.

Policies: You can’t redistribute the images downloaded from this site. You can’t claim these photos as your own. And you can’t use these photos for illegal purposes.

5. FreeImages.Com – Free Photos for Your Blog

free images

It is another best websites that provides free breathtaking images. Here you can find images for your blog in more than 350k stock images with many categories. It is another best alternative to the most expensive photo sites.

You can browse in different categories and use these free pictures in any project.

The photos are entirely free for personal and commercial use. But I will recommend you to read the terms and policies of this service. So, you can use images according to their policies.

6. Dreamstime – Royalty-free Photos for Your Websites

dreamstime photos size

Dreamstime is another site that will provide you with 26 Million high-resolution royalty-free and paid photos. All the stock photos are licensed under creative commons CC0.

But this site will not give you all the photos for free. After signing up, you will get a free trial of 15 free images. You can try this site if you want. And don’t worry, you have many choices. Let’s see more.

7. Stocksnap.io – Best Free Photos Site Ever

stocksnap images site

Another best free photo website that you should try. Stocksnap has its own community of photographers like other big platforms. They add hundreds of high-resolution images every week.

As you can see in the image above all images are licensed under creative commons CC0. You can search for any photo here. They have a huge collection of free stock photos.

8. Burst Free Images High-Quality Stock Photos Platform

burst photos site

Burst is a huge free photo platform powered by Shopify. It consists of thousands of high-resolution images that you can use in your content.

You can edit, modify, distribute and share these images without any attribution. And also without any copyright issues. All the free images are organized into different categories. You can find your images easily.

9. Negative Space – Beautiful Stock Photos

negative space free photos

Negative space is a UK-based platform. And they have a huge community of photographers that share their work with the world. All the images are CC0 licensed. And completely free for any commercial and non-commercial use.

So here you can find free images for blogs.

10. Picjumbo – Amazing Site for Copyright-free Photos

picjumbo popular site

Picjumbo is another amazing place for bloggers and designers where they can find free photos at no cost. So, pick the best photo for your content. Furthermore, you can download these photos without signing up.

They also offer paid packages. So, you can subscribe if you want. All the photos are organized into many categories. So that anyone can easily find images related to their work.

According to my experience, these are the best free photo websites that I have told you about. And you can do anything with these images.

For example, you can use these free images in your blog posts as featured images, in your articles, on Facebook or Instagram, and in marketing emails. Also, in your videos, in photo editing, in your tweets, on your website, or wherever you want.

Also, I have a tip for you if you’re a photographer and you have a camera and want to earn money through your photos. Then, check out this guide on the best photo-selling websites. I hope you will like these photo-selling websites too.

Furthermore, I will keep this list updated and add more sites to it. That’s all for now. And if you have any questions then you can freely ask in the comment section below. We’ll answer that as soon as possible.

If this is helpful then please tell us in a comment below. Also, tell us which site you use for yourself.