20 Awesome Web App Ideas That Are Successful in 2023

If you’re a beginner and interested in building a web app and you’re looking for web app ideas for practice, then you’re at the right place to get started. Here in this article, we’ll give you 20 web app ideas to start building a web app today.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, web apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. Web apps are growing day after day because of their high demand in the market.

Whether the web application is for business use, finance, education, or for personal use the demand is already high. People like web apps more than ever before. Web applications have become a need for every business.

Let’s begin with a short introduction to know what is a web app exactly.

What is a Web App?

In simple words, a web app short for web application is an application software program that runs on a web server and can be accessed from the web browser online on the internet from anywhere in the world.

A web app is different from a desktop or Android app because we don’t have to download the web app due to its online accessibility. You need an internet connection to run the web app. What we do is just type the URL of the web application in the browser and we simply use it online.

There are so many types of web app ideas that you can build. Here, in this article, we’ll give you 50 different web app ideas that are highly demanded. So, let’s see them.

Best Web App Ideas for Beginners

Here below is the list of web app ideas that you can build, also you can see each idea to explore more about the web app.

1. To-Do List Web App

A to-do list web app idea is a popular one that lies in the productivity web apps category. Everyone wants to be productive in their life and a simple to-do list web app makes it happen by solving the time management problem.

The concept behind a to-do list web app is pretty simple. A to-do list app allows users to create a list of tasks, set deadlines, and reminders to achieve those tasks.

However, you can also upgrade your to-do list web app to add more features like syncing with other calendars that people use like Google calendars, progress tracking system, etc. A Todoist web app is the most popular app that you can explore to get more information about to-do list web applications.

As a beginner web app developer, it’s a great idea to start with a to-do list app.

2. Currency Converter App

A simple but most-used web app that many people use on daily basis. A currency converter web app is a simple tool that allows users to convert one currency to another. It is based on the currency exchange rates.

It’s a highly demanded web app idea. Many businesses and individuals use currency converters that make international transactions or manage foreign currencies.

Xe currency converter is a popular web app that you can explore to find more information about currency converters apps.

3. Budget Tracker

Every individual or business has financial goals and wants to save money by keeping track of their expenses and income. That’s exactly where the budget tracker web app idea comes in. You can build a web app that tracks people’s expenses, and income.

A Budget Tracker app allows users to record their expenses, track their daily spending, and allow them to set their monthly budgets and financial goals.

The Budget Tracker web app might have a lot of other features like you can add functionality to link the app to their bank accounts to add income automatically.

The main purpose of this app is to help people manage their money easily. It’s a great idea to start with a budget tracker web app.

4. Recipe-Sharing App

It’s a like a social media platform for food enthusiasts. A recipe-sharing web app allows users to discover, save, and share recipes online.

This web app will work as a platform where people who are fond of cooking or eating can discover new recipes, create, or share recipes with their friends and the people they followed.

If you’re a foodie person who has an interest in food or cooking, then I really like to recommend this web app idea to you.

5. Event Scheduling Web App

An event scheduling app is a web app idea that will help people or businesses plan and organize their events. Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger conference this app makes the job easy.

This app works pretty simply, a user creates an event with a title, provides a date, time, and location, and a short description of the event. After creating an event the user clicks on the button to publish the event and the app generates the link that the user will share with others to join the event.

A simple thing a user has to do is create the event and share the link with others whether he shares through Gmail, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

This is a cool web app idea to start with. It’s in demand because businesses schedule events many times a month.

6. Workout Tracker App

Everyone has fitness goals and workout has always been a part of our daily routine. As scientists have discovered that just 30 minutes of daily workouts have tremendous health and fitness benefits.

People work out daily but they want to track the results. They want to know how much they achieved with daily workouts, how many calories they have burned, whether are they regular or not, and much more.

A workout tracker web app can solve all these problems. It will help people track their fitness goals, progress, and workouts. It’s the best web app idea that is evergreen. Building a web app around this idea will not be worthless.

7. Job Board Web App

You might have seen popular job board web apps like Indeed. It is a simple system that allows businesses to post jobs and hire.

The concept behind this web app idea is pretty straightforward. The app has two sides, a recruiter side, and an applicant side. This web app allows recruiters to publish jobs and allows applicants to apply for those jobs.

This web app idea is vast. You can add a lot of features to this job board app. It’s the most wanted web app idea these days.

8. Language App

Learning and practicing a particular language is a great idea that you can convert into a language web app. You have seen language apps like English learning apps, Arabic language apps, etc. All these web apps are designed to help the user to be proficient in a particular language.

The language web apps also have a range of different tools that help users to improve their language skills, grammar, vocabulary, and more. Also, you can offer language courses through your app.

It will be the best web app idea for beginners to start with a language learning app.

9. Password Manage App

A password manager is a nice and simple web app idea that allows users to securely save their passwords of different online accounts. So that the users don’t have to remember their passwords on their own.

Also, you can add other cool features as well like password generation that will generate a unique password for the user. However, it’s better to build a Chrome extension with this app that enables users to directly save their passwords from their browsers.

10. Online Store App

You can build an online store web app that allows people to buy things online from anywhere in the world. It will be a little difficult task not for beginners. However, it’s a great web app idea.

You can sell your products online through your web app. It is also known as an e-commerce app and the e-commerce field is pretty extensive.

You can add a wide range of features to your online store web app. It’s an evergreen web app idea that every selling business should work on.

11. Health Tracker Web App

Everyone cares about their health and takes it seriously after the Covid-19 pandemic. The health and wellness market grew so rapidly after the pandemic. Because people rely on technology, businesses felt a need to provide an online solution for health.

A health tracker web app idea comes in here, this app allows users to track the various aspects of their health and wellness. Like activity tracking, nutrition tracking, sleep tracking, vital sign tracking, and much more.

12. News Aggregator App

A news aggregator web app provides a convenient way for its users to stay up to date with the latest news and stories based on their location and interest.

For beginners, building a news aggregator app might be a challenging task. But it is one of the most worthful web app ideas for beginners.

A news aggregator can have functionalities like notifications, alerts, personalization, sharing news, location-based news, etc.

13. Pet Care App

A pet care app is another nicest web app idea. The pet care web app allows pet owners to manage and care for their pets. It allows pet owners to set reminders for feeding their pets, schedule medication and offers tips on pet health.

A pet care app can have a large range of features depending on the needs of pet owners. It’s a great web app idea for beginners to start working on.

14. Time Tracking App

A simple but productive web app idea. A time-tracking web app allows users to record the amount of time they spend on various activities and tasks. This web app is mostly used by businesses and individuals who want to be productive.

You can build a web app around this idea very easily. And you can add more features like notifications, alerts, reminders, etc. Also, you can integrate this app with other software like project management, calendar apps, etc.

15. Book Recommendation Web App

A book recommendation web app is an online app that recommends books based on the user’s preferences, history, interests, and the data that the user provides. Book recommendation web apps also help users discover new books according to their tastes and interest.

Starting to work on this web app idea is easy but you have to create an algorithm that estimates the interests that users have based on real data. This data can be get through a little survey that comes up first after signing up for the web app.

16. Personal Journal Web App

Many people like writers, students, or professionals keep journals to record their experiences, ideas, and even their feelings and thoughts. Journals help in many ways that you can’t imagine. It’s a great web app idea that is in demand.

As traditional paper journals have been used for centuries but an online personal journal web app has a lot of benefits over its counterpart. Because people can access their personal journal web app from anywhere in the world, they can organize, secure, and customize their information in a few clicks.

Furthermore, a personal journal web app is an evergreen idea that you should start working on.

17. Bookmarking Web App

People use the internet many times a day, they come around to the things that they want to know, read, or watch but don’t have enough time, so they decide to visit them later. But they forgot mostly if they didn’t bookmark them or save the link somewhere.

As you know every web browser has bookmarking feature but there are not any features to organize those bookmarks in an efficient way. For example, if you bookmark a video link then it should be inside a video folder, if you bookmark a pdf link this should be inside a pdf folder, etc.

Thousands of unorganized bookmark links make it difficult to find the important stuff. That’s where people feel a need of bookmarking web apps.

There are many cool features that a bookmarking web app provides so that people can organize all their links in one place and access them whenever and wherever they want.

The idea of creating a bookmarking web app matters because it will fulfill the need for other features that a bookmarking app should have.

18. Meditation Web App

It’s an informational web app idea that provides guidance about meditation, mindfulness exercises, and more to help users learn and practice meditation. These web apps also have features like timers, reminders, and progress tracking to help people stay on track with their meditation exercises.

This web app works in a very simple way, the user creates an account, select a meditation guidance type, set a timer, practice, and track progress. You can add many other productive features if you want related to meditation. It’s also in demand.

19. Meal Planning App

The meal planning web app aims to provide a system for the user to plan and organize their meals for the week or month. This app also provides recipe suggestions and nutrition information.

The major benefits of meal planning web apps include time-saving while buying, healthy recipe choices, saving money, providing a variety of meals, and helping in organizing meals.

It’s a great web application idea that you can start working on.

20. Stock Market Tracker Web App

This web app idea is pretty helpful for cryptocurrency traders, and stock investors. A stock market tracker web app allows users to track the performance of different stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments in real-time.

As this web application idea is high in demand due to the recent trends of crypto trading and stock investing. Because this web app helps them by displaying information about the current stock prices, trading volume, market cap, news, and other relevant information.

That’s it. So, these are the best web app ideas for beginners.

You might have a question in mind, which web app idea will be the best choice for me? So, let’s see what things to consider while choosing a web app idea to start the web app development process.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Web App Idea

As you know software development is all about problem-solving. What we do is solve real-life problems through our software development skills. However, there are many real-life problems that give many ideas to build a web app around them.

But the main thing here is, your interest! If you’re interested in something and curious to find the solution and solve the problem then exactly that is the web app idea to which you should stick. It’s all about your interest and how much you’re curious.

Building a web application will be a challenging task for you if you don’t have any interest in that app. So, choose a web app idea in which you have enough interest to complete the project.

Hope you understood. Have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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